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After half a century of relative quiet, the Stag brand decided it was ready for a renaissance. Once known as the go-to for Mr. Magoo and the pride of Belleville, Illinois, it was time to reclaim Stag’s local heritage in a new and relevant way. 


Rather than launch an all-out media blitz or take over Mardi Gras, the brand has been slowly but purposefully reaching deeper into the market and quietly supporting experiences to match their commitment.


Proud Sponsor Of This separates itself from traditional beer advertising by highlighting the fact that the beer doesn’t have to be the star of the show. Instead, it can be a bit player in the sound check. 

If you look for it, you’ll find Stag at places like Parlor on Sundays, where they host Stag Sessions featuring local artists. You might encounter the gold standard after a race at the Velodrome. Or back in Belleville, where Stag is hosting Old Salt Union for a special concert at the historic Lincoln Theatre

All of these venues have something in common—they’re not huge. But for Stag, they are enormously important when it comes to walking all the talk about reigniting a local legend. And while there may not be any lawyers involved, Stag thinks of itself as a proud sponsor of something as informal as a backyard get together. 

According to brand manager, Corey Smale, “We’re not the world’s largest brewery, and that’s okay. We have the chance to focus our resources on locally relevant experiences that reflect our values.”


The production itself stayed true to the brand and the campaign.


Stylistically, we wanted to use one continuous shot for each scenario, including the cut down versions, to allow the camera to find the beer in the scene. There were no isolated, styled product shots. The talent we cast were loosely instructed non-actors to play up the realism of each scene.

Rolling out through a targeted digital and social media plan, Proud Sponsor Of This is finding its way into multiple scenarios and onto every screen format.

Photo credit: RJ Hartbeck


Stag’s first television appearance in 50 years coincides with renewed dedication throughout the organization. Additional products like Stag Session and a commitment to build a larger following have led to an increase in year-over-year sales for the first time in over a decade. You can look forward to hearing more from the beer that isn’t afraid to embrace its roots while growing its relevance.  

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