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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Now Hiring: Writer

Careers // Copywriter / Collaborator

This position has been filled, but we're always eager to meet talented individuals. So, by all means, reach out.

Each project is an opportunity. And every client deserves to be proud of the work they put into market. We’re looking for a craftsperson who can articulate great ideas across media and industries.

We would like to add a team member with 3+ years of agency experience who can think on their feet and execute on deadlines. Long form, short form, wordless form—the ideal writer can tell a story in any channel and often across many.

This role will invite you to contribute at every stage of the process, from hammering out strategy to fine-tuning presentations and directing talent. Your passion for execution will be fully supported and ultimately, build your growing portfolio.

You will ply your skills on startups, household names and challenger brands. As an agency, we work closely with our clients to find what they have to say. From there, our creative teams are invited to shine.

A great idea is always worth pursuing, and we seek people who thrive in that pursuit. As part of the Darling team, you will find yourself collaborating with art directors, creative directors, strategists and brand leaders who believe that the most creatively sound work makes the biggest difference.

If this sounds like a dream job, let us know. We love hearing that. We also enjoy the camaraderie that comes from high expectations and mutual support. And please tell us a little about yourself when sending a link or PDF of your work to jobs@darlingmakery.com.

Darling Makery is a brief-to-life creative shop, specializing in brand development and campaign launch. We aim to build our own brand through a collaborative working style and a prolific, ideas-first mentality. With practice areas in travel & hospitality, healthcare, animal welfare and beer, wine & spirits, we work to make our clients the darlings of their audience.

As professionals and human beings, we value independence, accountability and fulfillment. Our office on Cherokee Street, in the heart of Antique Row, is surrounded by artists, shopkeepers, musicians, a wide variety of restaurants and most importantly, inspiration.


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