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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A small “ice cream farm” located in rural Missouri looking to compete with national confectioners over grocery-store freezer space sounds a bit like a Hallmark movie. But that’s the story of Bold Spoon Creamery—a small batch, premium ice cream brand that’s farm-to-bowl enough to boast freshly grown, “in-season” flavors.

And without a 90s actress you almost forgot about to endorse the product (ie: most of the cast of Full House), Bold Spoon turned our way to raise brand awareness and make each of their 120 wholesale partners as productive as possible.

After a deep dive into consumer profiles and positioning, both team and client agreed on a campaign that matched the product with those most likely to pick up a pint—foodies in their mid 20s to mid 50s—also known as grown ups.

Enter “Your Ice Cream is All Grown Up.” It’s the idea that a mature palette needs a mature ice cream—one that takes you back to your childhood while simultaneously keeping said ice cream out of the hands of your children. It’s for the refined and playful. The kidself who has adult permission to do whatever they want.

Through Instagram and Facebook, we created social posts that serve as visual sample stands hitting targeted consumers before they ever reach the grocery store. This way customers find Bold Spoon amongst a crowded freezer aisle before they start looking.

Interested in trying Bold Spoon for yourself? Or simply want to play your part in a real life Hallmark movie? Head here to find in-season ice cream that matches your sophisticated sensibilities.


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