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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

There’s something to be said for knowing your place. And in the case of our most recent campaign for Stag Beer, that place is safely stashed within your second fridge.

These under-sung vessels are as sacred as they are functional. So, we thought it was time to celebrate their roles in our lives.

The second fridge may not match its surroundings. It could be missing a handle, and the crisper might not maintain the humidity level it once did. No matter. The second fridge still has a job to do. And that job is to keep the gold cold.

This series of fifteen- and six-second social and pre-roll spots was written and produced to both address COVID buying habits and maintain safety during filming and editing.

For starters, we utilized zero on-camera talent. So there was no need for casting or unnecessary exposure on set. And when we considered where we might be able to find these second fridge environments, we opted to avoid shooting “on location.” (The last thing we wanted to do was ask someone to open their home to strangers while everyone was quarantining.)

Instead, our producer Michael Hurst, brought up the possibility of filming at a prop house. After all, they have the stuff to set the scene, so why not save three trips and build it all there? Every location is constructed by Blue Coyote at Blue Coyote with props and nooks and crannies that allowed us to tell the stories in one, fluid, low-headcount shot.

On shoot day, there were five total people on site, including director Jordan Phoenix, and each of them were in separate spaces wearing masks. Additional agency and client personnel viewed the footage live via zoom and were able to offer feedback and approval from their own home video villages—hopefully in close proximity to their own second fridges.

Lastly, Stag values supporting local businesses to reflect the heart of the brand. So we turned to our Antique Row neighbor, Electropolis, for editing, sound design and original music.


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