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We’ve been showing how their commitment runs deep since launching our latest

campaign on behalf of Lake Regional. In 2020, they made the decision to

reinforce their commitment with a brick-and-mortar campus in Lebanon, Missouri.

To the population of 15,000, this means greater access to a wider range of

medical services. Equally important, it’s all conveniently located in their backyard.

This is a big deal. When you consider that travel can be one of the highest

barriers and most stressful aspects of medical treatment, this project represents

much more than a building.

So, we decided to hear what this commitment means from the people of

Lebanon. And those people just so happen to be Lake Regional employees who

are proud to live amongst the family and friends they serve every day.

This campaign launched in digital, social media and direct mail executions

featuring long-time Lake Regional care providers in some of their favorite

locations around Lebanon.

A physician, physician’s assistant and a nurse each told us what the new

Lebanon Campus means in their own words.

As part of this effort, we developed and executed a coordinated rollout plan in

social media and direct mail, driving to a Lebanon-specific landing page.

Over one month, the campaign generated over 43,000 total engagements while

reaching over 160,000 people. Again, the population of Lebanon is 30,000. So,

this effort definitely resonated with surrounding community members and

generated over 400 shares.


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