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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

There comes a time in every agency’s existence when they take a good look in the mirror and ponder the possibilities of pursuing a new industry altogether.

Could we brew a beer? Or start a woodworking shop? Or dabble in pastries?

The answer to those daydreams is almost always “no.” Followed by a resounding “get back to work.”

Except maybe just this once.

For a glistening moment, we managed to parlay our agency experience into something new, exciting and delicious. Pizza!

As part of our onboarding and discovery process for our newest client Toppers Pizza of Whitewater, Wisconsin we conned—nay, we convinced—them to let us work the dough and bake the goods during a Thursday-night rush in mid January.

Jealous? We are, too.

We donned our own uniforms, talked to the team, went on a delivery and got indoctrinated into the culture that keeps Toppers employees engaged and enthusiastic about what they do across 70 locations throughout the upper midwest and a few other select outposts.

All pizza prepping and eating aside, we’re thrilled to be working with an inspiring brand that is looking to grow. So if you see any delivery drivers with Wisconsin plates wandering down Cherokee Street, now you know why. (Also, please point them to our office.)

In addition to fulfilling our lifelong pizza dreams, we also conducted stakeholder interviews and a quantitative study of their target market.

So far, we’ve learned that Topperstix are divine creations that must be enjoyed to be fully understood, and that just like a strong advertising agency, a great pizza place is stocked full of dedicated people.


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