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Updated: May 23, 2019

Lewis & Clark came. They saw. And they decided to stick around.

After a journey that brought them back from the Pacific Northwest to the top of the newly reimagined Arch experience, they quickly realized there’s a lot to discover in and around St. Louis.

And after all, they are explorers.

If you haven’t followed the historically inaccurate account of their Monumental Return, feel free to click here for the entire series. (Spoiler alert: Despite getting a little lost, they make it all the way to the Gateway City.)

Most recently, their travels took them to an annual event hosted by Explore St. Louis called Be A Tourist In Your Own Town. That’s where restaurants, hotels and attractions from around the region gather in Kiener Plaza to spread the word to the local population about some of the amazing places right in their midst.

As recent transplants, Meriwether and William were eager to get the lay of the land.

As for our part, we were thrilled to team up with Explore St. Louis, Coolfire Studios and our talented and improvisational actors, Chad Crenshaw (Lewis) and Mark Bade (Clark), for this whirlwind tour.

The folks we met during the event had very little knowledge of their involvement ahead of time and nailed their roles alongside our dauntless duo.

Rumor has it Lewis & Clark plan to put down roots in the city that launched their original journey to the West Coast and into international fame. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing them around town more often, and we encourage each and every one of our fellow St. Louisans to get out and experience some of the incredible attractions that are more than worthy of a visit from actual, real people.


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