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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

At Darling, we may be small, but we love large dogs.

Like Arlo:

And Marlowe:

And Flash:

And Laika:

Okay, she’s only 25lbs but she’s pretty great too. Point is, when the APA of Missouri gave us a call, we dropped everything except our leashes.

Large dogs need loving homes—but they’re often the hardest dogs to find families for. So we took the misconceptions about them—that they’re too aggressive, bad with kids, full of energy, space intensive—and created a campaign that inverts those expectations. All while the large dogs themselves prove they’re simply too large to be contained by a single Instagram (or Facebook) frame.

We call it “Big dogs. Big love.” And if you can identify with the feeling, we hope you’ll share it out.

To get the idea across, we used the carousel swipe functionality to power the misdirect, and then animated the posts into simple reveals for Facebook.

On the heels of our “Grown Ass Adults” campaign, we wanted to channel the same sense of optimism that the APA brings to their work with an effort specifically for large dogs.

Finally—but most importantly—if you’re on the looking for a couch hog or a selfie companion, the APA has some big loves waiting for you here.


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