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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Dogs are almost universally loved. In fact, the only being that is more universally loved than a dog is probably a puppy.

And that’s kind of the problem facing the APA.

They have adorable puppies getting snatched up right and left. The adult dogs, however, are left to watch the young ones come and go.

It’s not that these more mature dogs aren’t adorable in their own way. Or that they have a defect. They’re just full-grown. And they might get a couple less likes on your Instagram feed.

But let’s not be hasty.

These dogs have a lot to offer. Aside from love and appreciation, they also come with obedience, potty training and a firm understanding of the subtle difference between chew toys and designer clothing.

So, why not turn that into a selling point?

Our friends at the APA came up with the idea to rebrand these elder statesmen as “Grown-Ass Adult” dogs. And they asked us to run with it and turn that into a series.

Working in collaboration with Annie Castellano from the APA board of directors, we expanded on the idea, turning them into long-form posters.

By encouraging people to “get a dog who gets you,” the campaign also drew some attention from The Riverfront Times.

And hey, if you know someone looking to add a dog to their household, feel free to share this post or any of the pieces posted by the APA.

Cuteness is in the heart of the adopter.


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