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When we first wrote: “Our commitment runs deep”, we couldn’t truly know the multitudes contained within those words.

Since its opening day in 1978, Lake Regional Healthcare System has been a model of service, providing care far beyond what anyone would expect from a rural hospital group.

Its Cancer Center is no exception. Nationally accredited, with personalized treatment plans and a team of experts using state-of-the-art treatments and technology to serve their neighbors.

Lake Regional Cancer Center: Social

Yet what impressed us most about these doctors, nurses, administrators and volunteers,

Was not merely their knowledge, skill and dedication. It was their care. Their kindness and devotion.

They face cancer each day, supporting patients selflessly and standing by their side, every step of the way. Leaving no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit of remission and recovery.

Because cancer is not a battle or a contest—there is no true enemy to line up against and little triumph in the winning. Cancer is a journey, taken one faltering step at a time, through desperate valleys and sunlit uplands, never knowing what lies over the next hill.

Lake Regional Cancer Center: Print Ad

This campaign was made for our moms and dads, our aunts, uncles, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Lake Regional Cancer Center: Outdoor

To journey by their side is our greatest honor. At Darling, as at Lake Regional Healthcare System, our commitment runs deep.


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