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Updated: May 16, 2023

Sometimes the best insights are pulled from personal experience. So for The Watering Bowl’s new video campaign—their first in several years—we started with an experience every dog owner knows all too well: dropping your dog off at daycare.

Folks, it’s a wrench. You may find yourself asking important questions, like: ”Will my dog be happy?” Or: “What if they need me?” Or our favorite: “Will they make friends?!”

So far, so first day of school.

There’s only one thing that acts as the soma to our psyche and sets our minds at ease: knowing that team members at the Watering Bowl genuinely, absolutely, care about our dogs. And that our precious pooches are pretty fond of them too.

Seriously, look at this face:

And this face:

One look and you just know that these are people who will go above and beyond for your dog.

That’s where this new campaign came from: the looks on the faces of Watering Bowl team members when we drop our dogs off. We made three spots, one long-form and two shorter at a mere fifteen seconds. Each focusing on a different insight around how Watering Bowl team members make our dogs happy and visa-versa.

Pulling it all together was quite a feat, and one which would have been impossible without the talented and nimble folks at Hey Retriever! and the vocal stylings of our very own client, Jeremy King. Eagle-eyed talent scouts may also notice our own Maggie Nold taking a star turn.

This one’s about your dog’s backup best friend.

This one’s about the night shift.

And this one goes back to where it all started: the look on your dog’s face when you drop them off.

We can’t wait to see this work doing its thing out in the world. And we also can’t wait to see the look on our dogs' faces when we drop them off tomorrow. After all, it’s play time.


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