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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

On behalf of Lake Regional Health System, Darling Makery is launching a campaign designed to encourage Lake of the Ozarks residents to get vaccinated without shaming them for their hesitation.

The effort, titled “Waiting,” reframes holdouts as prudent wait-and-seers and encourages them to act now.

The TV spot features a man in his thirties processing a series of questions in his mind about the vaccine, its efficacy and side effects. The camera turns to reveal he’s sitting in a waiting room and the line, “You had your reasons for waiting” appears on the wall. From there, viewers are implored to visit lakeregional.com/vaccine and get it done.

It’s a simple message that acknowledges not only where we are but where we’ve been with the vaccine conversation.

Cases and hospitalizations continue to surge to levels not seen since the Spring of 2020. Meanwhile, those coming into the ICU are getting younger and younger. A recent story from AP News profiled a 31 year-old Lake Regional patient who expressed extreme regret for not getting the vaccine prior to intubation.

But rather than focus on the dire consequences that don’t seem to be resonating, this campaign aims to see things from the perspective of holdouts.

There’s been no shortage of news coverage and information from all angles. The Lake Regional staff, however, has seen the pandemic play out in real-time. They understand that their friends, neighbors and even family members have deep-seated reservations. Some are even hostile to the idea of the shot.

As a fully vaccinated company ourselves, we hope this will give them the chance to step back and reconsider. The three-month campaign will run on TV, radio, billboards and social media.


Creative: Jake Edinger, CD/Founder; Peter Rodick, CD/Founder; Tim Glebocki, ACD/Writer; Brittany Belaief, Art Director

Account: Blake Padberg, Account Director/Founder; Angela Neumeister, Account Supervisor

Production: Bruton Stroube: Tim Wilson, director; Matt Siemer, producer; Sunshine Clay, Post Production Manager


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