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Perio Protect websites, displayed on a tablet and mobile device

One of the interesting benefits of working in the advertising industry is the level of expertise we accrue in wide-ranging, nuanced topics. We can tell you more than you'd like to know about pharmacy benefit management programs, insect repellents, the rural electrical grid, and Bill Dance.

At or near the top of that list: gum disease.

Last year, we launched a consumer campaign for Perio Protect, a patented and non-invasive gum disease treatment method. Since then, we reimagined, redesigned, and rewrote two extensive websites for Perio Protect's distinct audiences: providers and patients.

Provider Site

Perio Protect is a prescription product, which means it depends on a network of certified providers—dentists, hygienists, periodontists—to prescribe Perio Protect to the end user.

The provider site houses content benefiting current and prospective providers. We created an intuitive, step-by-step journey through the relevant information and research for prospective providers, guiding them to training options—the final step to certification.

Existing providers can register for events and download useful information for their practice.

Behind the scenes, an event scheduling and e-commerce infrastructure organizes the myriad training options and handles event bookings.

Patient Site

Eighty percent of the adult population has some form of gum disease. Few realize they have it, and even fewer understand why it matters.

The patient site—targeting the end user—educates not just on the product, but defines the problem itself. Simplified navigation guides user through easily digestible educational content and towards a call to action: finding a certified Perio Protect Provider in your area.

View it live: perioprotect.com

Corralling a complex, multi-step message gave us a wealth of knowledge on a topic on which few wish to engage. We were pleased to distill it into a form that will benefit those who need it most.

So if you want to know more about gum recession, periodontal pocket depths, root planing and scaling, and subgingival bacteria, give us a shout. We're pseudo-experts.

Or, talk to a real professional.


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