One of the pleasures of our business is staying locked into the bustling restaurant scene in STL. It seems like every day there’s a new place opening up right around the corner from Darling HQ, and believe me, we’re ready to try all of them. So we couldn’t have been happier to get a call from Postcards From BKLYN, the restaurant group formed by the husband and wife chef all-star duo of Craig & Mowgli Rivard.

Ever since they met on the line while working at their favorite haunt in Brooklyn, they’ve had a dream of opening their own place. So they first asked us to help develop their company brand while they got settled in St. Louis (Craig’s hometown) and finalized their plans.

Now, re-settled in the up and coming Fox Park neighborhood, they’re realizing that dream. Coming later this fall is Little Fox, a neighborhood restaurant built to complement its surroundings. Our challenge was to take the owners’ personalities, their flair for fine food, and neighborly friendliness and roll them all up into a tidy brand. The result:

It’s a logo that full of subtlety: hints of the neighborhood (look closely) and the fox come through without being overbearing. And of course, as we do with any brand, we wanted to think beyond just the mark. So beyond the logo itself we developed a suite of materials to launch with:

Then, our next goal: build up some anticipation. With the opening of any new establishment, especially a restaurant, drumming up some buzz is essential, and we wanted to help the Rivards create excitement any way we could, as soon as we could. So while they got their hammers out, we got our, uh, laptops out and went about designing temporary window coverings at their space to announce to the world (or at least Fox Park) that Little Fox is on its way.

To complete the friendly neighbor message, we couldn’t resist adding a little bonus treat for pedestrian traffic:

Note the nose smudges.

Since this is such a walkable neighborhood, we wanted to give passersby a glimpse at what’s happening inside. So if you're in the neighborhood, be sure to take a look. Better yet, come by again in November for a bite to eat.