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About this time of year four years ago we asked, of no one in particular, “What’s your thing?” There was a list of some very lofty and very rhetorical questions as Darling was in its infancy and still figuring out what we want to be (editor's note: still figuring). All of those questions are still relevant today, but perhaps the most important one posed was What kind of co-workers do we want to be around?

It’s an easy question to answer, but a hard task to put your answer into practice. Fortunately, we’ve been able to grow our shop over the ensuing years, both in business and in personnel. We’ve expanded our capacity, added new capabilities, and even a dog or two. And every time we’ve made a hire, it’s been with the hope that our new teammates add that perfect mix of personality and skill to help us live up to our values of independence, accountability and fulfillment. With our latest two additions, we have no doubt they will do just that.

On the creative team, Brett Kessinger joins us as Senior Art Director. Brett immediately becomes the Darling clubhouse leader in tattoos, and he brings a keen eye and a dual-dog-dad perspective.

Meanwhile, Brett has already been usurped as the New Guy in just one week’s time, as Maggie Nold has come aboard as Account Executive. Maggie’s here to choreograph our deadlines, tasks, and projects, which, given her background as a trained choreographer, should come pretty naturally.

Our industry is not a science, but our agency is an ongoing experiment. And we couldn’t be happier that Brett and Maggie are bringing their talents to the mix.


We’re voracious readers here, and always open to feasting our eyes on new talent. If you have a great book, a funny story or just want someone to talk to, hit us up at jobs@darlingmakery.com.


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